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Macy’s Makes Shopping Fun

September 28, 2016 | by Marissa Pavone:

While retailers work diligently to harness the newest technology, none have mastered a truly technologized shopping experience­ until now.

Macy’s recently changed its women’s swimsuit and athletic department in Manhattan Beach, CA from its usual merchandising display to the Hointer System.

Founded by Nadia Shouraboura, Hointer works by using mannequins or racks to display a single fashion item. Shoppers use the company’s app to connect with tags on items they are interested in trying on. They then go to their own personal fitting room where the items are waiting. The fitting room is equipped with a tablet on the wall, which can be used to select additional sizes, colors, etc. Customers no longer have to lug clothes to a fitting room, dress and undress, go in and out, and back and forth.

In an effort to compete with successful online retailers like Amazon, Macy’s is rethinking the shopping experience for its customers–and its bottom line.